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Princess Mousie Becomes a Ballerina


Chapter 1: The Talent Search

Long ago, in the Elegant Kingdom, lived a royal family of mice.

There was King Mouse, Queen Mousette and their four little princesses – the youngest of which was Princess Mousie. All the princesses had a special talent to share with their kingdom. Princess Mousie’s oldest sister was the Musical Princess because she could sing prettier than any mouse in the land. The next sister was known as the Artist Princess. She created beautiful paintings that everyone adored. The next in line was the Sporty Princess who was always outdoors and excelled at every game she played.

Then there was little Princess Mousie. She didn’t have a talent so she set off to find one. She tried baking but her cheesecake was not a hit. She tried growing flowers, but none of them would bloom. She tried sewing a fine gown, but when she tried it on, it had four sleeves!

Princess Mousie felt very discouraged and went to her parents for advice.

“Everyone has a talent, my darling,” said Queen Mousette.

“You will find yours, Little Mousie. Just don’t give up,” said King Mouse.

Chapter 2: The Ballerina Bunny


One day, Princess Mousie was in the town square and saw a beautiful bunny ballerina. She watched as the bunny danced around, floating on the air. This was it. Princess Mousie knew that she wanted to be a ballerina.

“Excuse me,” Princess Mousie said to the ballerina, “where did you learn to dance like that?”

The bunny smiled at Princess Mousie and said, “Oh, I have been practicing for a long time.”

“Is it very hard to do?” asked Princess Mousie. 

“Not if you love it,” said the bunny.

“Would you teach me?”

The bunny smiled wide and said, “I would be honored, Princess! We are putting on a show for the kingdom. Would you like to be in it?”

Princess Mousie giggled with excitement as she said, “I’d love to! When can we start?”

The bunny held out her hand and said, “We can begin right now, if you’d like. My name is Bianca.”

Princess Mousie took the hand of her new friend, Bianca the Ballerina Bunny, and they walked along the road to the studio where Bianca practiced. It was going to be hard work, but Princess Mousie had never been more excited.





Chapter 3: The Ballet Princess

For the next month, Princess Mousie and Bianca rehearsed their routines day and night until their feet were so sore they collapsed to the floor – exhausted but so happy.

“Bianca, how did you know dancing was your talent?” asked Princess Mousie.

Bianca looked down at her tutu and said, “That’s easy! Nothing makes me feel happier than dancing, Princess. How does it make you feel?”

Princess Mousie thought about all the hard work; the rehearsals and all the times she messed up. She thought of all the times she did the wrong move or forgot her next step. But then she remembered what it felt like to get it right. The moment she finished the whole routine and it was perfect. Yes, that made her feel like the most special mouse in the kingdom.

“I suppose, dancing makes me feel special.”

On the night of the show, Princess Mousie was very nervous. The audience was full and they would all be watching her! Surely, she could not perform in front of this many people! Bianca could see that her friend was scared, so she rushed to her side.

“Princess, don’t be frightened,” said Bianca as she put her arm around the crying mouse, “This your chance to show all those people how special you are. It’s time to share your talent with the kingdom.”

Princess Mousie knew Bianca was right. She jumped to her feet, dried her eyes and made her way to the stage. 

She took her place and as the music began, all of her fear melted away. She was a natural – gliding across the stage with elegance and grace. The audience leapt to their feet with thundering applause and flowers were thrown on stage from every direction. She and Bianca were glowing as they took their bows.

When the show was over, the King and Queen rushed to their youngest daughter. They were beaming with pride.

“I knew you would find your talent, my little Ballet Princess,” said King Mouse. And from that day on, Princess Mousie was known throughout the kingdom as the Ballet Princess.




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