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The Raccoon Family Comes to Visit: Bridget Kelly’s Inspiration for the Raccoon Line

Bridget Kelly had no idea the inspiration for the next Elegant Baby line was playing right in her own backyard. “One evening I looked out in my backyard here in the city and there was a family of six raccoons on my back porch,” says Kelly, “I like to think it was a mama, three babies, a papa, even a teenager… now that is inspiration!” As a designer, Kelly looks all over her world for ideas, and when one is right, you just know it. As soon as this family of furry raccoons made an appearance in her yard she knew the Into the Woods collection had to include the raccoon line. “That’s just kismet,” she says, “I guess we’re doing raccoons!”

Kelly knows everyone – parents, grandparents and babies – love the careful, timeless quality in every Elegant Baby piece. “It’s not trendy. It’s not something that’s going to go in and out very quickly,” she says, “It’s a timeless icon that a child can always relate to. Who’s not going to relate to a raccoon?” This everlasting quality is a priority in all of Kelly’s pieces. “If you took anything out of this line,” she says, “and you put it back in the line in five years, it would still feel like it works because it has an heirloom quality. “Kelly takes the time to ensure each piece feels like a cherished family heirloom made with, what she calls, “the loving hands of home.” That’s what makes these pieces timeless – it’s what makes them elegant.

With the raccoon line, and the Into the Woods collection as a whole, for Kelly it’s all about the color. She describes it as “very subtle. It’s very sophisticated with navies and grays and pops of color.” This classic color scheme is paired with a playful component Kelly thinks the whole family will love. Parents can dress their children in these playful outfits, and babies will love that their clothes match their plush raccoon. “They can put this crazy hat on [their baby] and it’s really silly,” says Kelly, “and that child can feel like he’s playing with a toy and he’s part of it.”

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