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A Forest Full of Skateboards: Bridget Kelly’s Childlike Imagination

Elegant Baby Designer Bridget Kelly loves all of her creations, but when asked about her favorite piece in the latest Into the Woods collection she admits, “it’s the Milk Bear jumpsuit. I love that little guy so much. With his little long-johns, he’s so cute. He woke up in the middle of the night, he needed a snack – he’s just so cute!”

It’s no surprise Kelly has such a fondness for her characters. As she’s creating them, she and her assistant think of entire worlds where her creatures live and play – and the Milk Bear line is no exception. In their San Francisco studio they began to envision friends for their raccoon character and their imaginations just ran wild. “We made up this whole story about how animals probably act when humans don’t see them. They probably have a secret life that we don’t even know about where they eat chocolate and pizza, drink milk, ride bikes and skateboards – just like human kids. We had the whole forest on skateboards at one point! We’re still just kids letting our imaginations run away with us!”

It’s this childlike imagination that makes this job perfect for Kelly. “I get to draw, color, create cute animals, design cute little baby clothes, dream up ideas and stories,” she says, “I’m secretly a kid inside who never grew up.” So undoubtedly Kelly feels right at home in her job and her studio. “There are two kiddie playgrounds, two daycare centers and three elementary schools within the five blocks of the studio! I have a parade every day of babies in strollers and parents with toddlers walking by my studio! It’s like I hit the mother load of baby world,” she says.

Surrounded by babies, Kelly feels right in her element. She can’t get enough of seeing the little ones in her creations. From the children in her life to the baby models she handpicks for the catalogue, she never tires of dressing them up in her designs. “It is such a delight to see them come to life on a real baby,” she says, “It doesn’t get any more scrumptious than that!”



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