What is an Elegant Mom?

What is an Elegant Mom?

There are many different ways to be a mom. Ask anyone why their mom is the best mom out there, and every answer will be different. I began writing this post by compiling a list of what could qualify a mom to be an ‘Elegant Mom’. Someone who is a teacher and a friend, someone who loves unconditionally and has patience for all the ups and downs motherhood throws their way. While my list made sense, it lacked sincerity. We all have the ability to share elements of what could possibly make a mother ‘elegant’. But I think it is in each of our own unique observations and relationships with our mothers that shows their true essence of elegance and goodness. So instead, I decided to ask around, “What makes your mom an Elegant Mom? What makes her special?”

“When my mom walks into a room, there is an amber wave of warmth. Her presence in itself is the feeling of arms outstretched. She is tender and kind, she finds light in everything. I admire her unwaveringly acceptance of present, past, and future as it is. Her faith in herself, in the world, in kindness, is palpable and contagious. Although her life has seen many hard times, she brings her experiences to every situation and allows them to guide her through positivity. I love driving with her, and her eagerness to hear new music, and put on albums that draw her to the past so she can share her stories with me. My mother is an elegant one, because she is resilient and openhearted, and will never cease to amaze me as a woman of many wonders.” - Kaley

“My mom is amazing because she’s a boss, a best friend and a mother.

She works so hard and has set a high threshold for me in terms of the kind of career success I want to achieve. She makes the money, loves her family and enjoys her life. It’s amazing how she makes it all work and can achieve it all and I know it’s not effortless or easy. And she embraces that and that comforts me.

She’s also so youthful and giddy in the way she interacts with the world.
She’s seen a lot in her life but is far from jaded.
She’s vulnerable but assertive and wideyed and smart.
I’ve never encountered anyone like her” - Violet

“My mother was the most selfless and forgiving person I know. I think the most important thing to me was that I knew no matter what I did, my mother would always have my back. She was gonna come through every time. And that gives you a lot of confidence to face this world when you know you have someone like that behind you. “ - James

‘When she laughs really hard she cries. I just really love when she gets the giggles and can’t stop laughing’. - Alex

“My mother is non-judgemental, she trusts that I will make the right decisions at the end of the day which gives me the space to be so open with her. My mother is also open and honest with me, I know about her past successes and mistakes which have bonded us. As a therapist, we know that one of the most important factors that help clients is unconditional positive regard, a warmth that is constant, regardless of actions,and a want for you to improve ... I think an Elegant mom is always providing that for her child.” -Shannon

“My mom is special because she is probably the most independent woman I know/will ever know. She teaches me that every day just by being her mighty little self. She's done so much on her own that it inspires me to be like that and to be able to count on myself for whatever reason I should need to. She taught me that I don't need a significant other to do great things or live my life. Don't get me wrong she pushes me to get out there and try to meet people, but she shows me it's not a necessity and that I am amazing enough and capable enough to accomplish whatever it is I'm after. And I feel that her being able to inspire me to be the best me is what makes a mom undoubtedly a best friend.” - Melissa

“Besides of course never thinking of herself and always willing to help her kids, she came to this country as a very young woman and had to learn the language. She put herself through beauty school and even opened up a salon named after me! Sounds pretty special to me.” - Magda

“What makes my mom so amazing is a list so long no article could ever cover it. What amazes me most is that she has remained soft in a world that has consistently and relentlessly tried to harden and break her. Through a life of tribulations, heartache and loss, she has maintained her bubbly, contagious and compassionate outlook on life. She is the ultimate mother figure to everyone she meets- comforting, reassuring, encouraging, loving, and supportive. A single hug from her can cure any ailment. She is truly a blessing, and it is a privilege to be around her. She is elegant in the way she handles all of life’s craziness- which include the everyday drama of her own life, her husband's life, her kids lives, her siblings lives, and so on. The way she graciously and effortlessly maintains her cool while juggling a to-do list miles long, is almost too perfect- like it was choreographed and practiced a million times over. I hope to be half the woman, person and mother she is.” - Sarah

“I think the only reason I am able to confidently walk through this world is because of who my mother is. She never once hid her love from me, or her acceptance. She knows how much she is needed by those around her, and she never fails to show up. Her elegance lies in the laughter and light she provides a room. She makes me grateful to be alive and undeniably lucky to be in her orbit.” - Nicholette

I’m not crying, you are!

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