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All Personalized Baby Bath

Make bath time a favorite part of a child’s day with a personalized baby hooded towel from Elegant Baby. We offer a snuggle-ready selection of monogrammed baby hooded towels that will delight parents and babies alike.  Designed of supersoft cotton velour terry, our embroidered baby hooded towels feature a playful animal hood and tail that will spark a child’s imagination as they dry off after a bath. Ideal for little girls or boys, our adorable animal hooded bath towels include cuddly puppies, lambs, bunnies, elephants, sea serpents, sharks and hippos. If you opt to make your gift a personalized bath wrap, the baby’s name, monogram or initials will be embroidered on the outside of the towel, just below the hood.


A personalized baby hooded towel is not only an incredibly thoughtful gift, but also very practical. Kids become so devoted to our animal hooded bath towels that parents often buy multiple personalized bath wraps to keep the little ones smiling during their daily bath routine. One day a little one might feel like a whimsical mermaid; the next day like a quacking duckie. And with any of our monogrammed baby hooded towels, you’ll enjoy the convenience of easy care. Simply pop the towel in the washer on cold and tumble dry low. Fluffy and warm, the embroidered baby hooded towel will be ready for a child’s next bath.


Elegant Baby is the premier baby gifting experience, whether you have friends or relatives who are adding to their family or you are the happy parent-to-be. You’ll find an impressive selection of personalized baby hooded towels in our sophisticated assortment of gifts, encompassing accessories, blankets, apparel, and toys. We are one of the largest and oldest online retailers specializing in luxury baby clothing and monogrammed baby hooded towels that combine premier fabrics and high-quality design. If you are looking for a unique baby shower gift, just-born gift, luxury christening gift or special holiday gift, you will find a special assortment of embroidered baby hooded towels at Elegant Baby.