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Luxury Baby Hats

A baby hat is a year-round essential for every infant, keeping the chill in check during the colder months and shielding the sunshine when temperatures rise. Gift a special someone an adorable luxury baby hat from Elegant Baby. Among our selection of baby girl hats, you’ll find a playful pom pom hat in pastel pink, a sweet Princess Mousie animal hat and a supersoft knit hat with mauve stripes. Little guys will stay cozy and as cute-as-can-be in one of our baby boy hats, including wild animal-themed styles like lions and zebras as well as classic cable knit hats—detailed with ears for a touch of whimsy. During the summer, help baby beat the heat with a lightweight bonnet in breathable cotton knit with our signature stripes or a baby hat in airy linen detailed with a woodland motif.


It’s easy to find a tasteful, one-of-a-kind gift for a nephew, niece or friend’s newborn at Elegant Baby. Many of our luxury baby hats can be personalized with a child’s monogram or initials for an extra-special touch. Additionally, our baby boy and girl hats can be paired with a matching outfit for the ultimate gifting experience. Parents love our assortment of clothes and accessories for their charming, timeless aesthetic, but also their practicality. After a fun-filled playdate or visit to the park, the baby hat can be spot cleaned or machine-washed on cold. It will look like new and be ready for its next adventure.


Elegant Baby is the premier baby gifting experience, whether you have friends or relatives who are adding to their family or you are the happy parent-to-be. You’ll find an impressive selection of baby hats in our sophisticated assortment of gifts, encompassing accessories, blankets, apparel, and toys. We are one of the largest and oldest online retailers specializing in luxury baby clothing that combines premier fabrics and high-quality design. If you are looking for a unique baby shower gift, just-born gift, luxury christening gift or special holiday gift, you will find a special assortment of luxury baby hats at Elegant Baby.

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