Ideas for Building the Perfect Gift Set with a Personalized Baby Blanket

Ideas for Building the Perfect Gift Set with a Personalized Baby Blanket

With the arrival of a precious new baby comes the responsibility of choosing the perfect present. To make your gift extra special, you'll want to choose something both meaningful and useful. Including a personalized item, such as a gorgeous heirloom-quality baby blanket, is a great option for a luxurious gift that will be treasured. You can customize the piece with the baby's name, birthday, or even a special message. The popularity of personalized gifts is rising, with the market predicted to grow tremendously in the next few years. But what makes a customized baby blanket such a wonderful gift?

  • Giving a customized blanket shows you care. Taking time to personalize a gift shows the new parents just how excited you are about their new adventure. It is a one-of-a-kind gift that shows your love for the new family. 

  • They are a practical choice. You'll find blankets in every baby's room. They are lovely for tummy time, adventures in the stroller, or just cuddling up for a nap. And while there may be other blankets in the baby's nursery, the personalized one will no doubt become a firm favorite. 

  • They are sure to become a keepsake. Personalized blankets will stick around long after the baby outgrows their crib. Heirloom-quality baby blankets often become cherished mementos for adults, creating a life-long connection with the giver. They can even be passed down to their own children! 

Personalized baby blankets are thoughtful and exclusive presents that are truly appreciated by new parents. By including a personalized baby blanket in your gift set, you can create a memorable, unique present that will be adored by both baby and parent. 

Gift Sets: Tips for Making a Personalized Baby Blanket Even More Memorable

When creating a gift set to go with a personalized baby blanket, make sure you choose high-end materials that will last for many years. This will ensure the gift is treasured for a long time to come. 

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You'll also want to consider the family’s tastes and personalities when choosing colors and patterns. Some parents may love a bold color palette, while others prefer a subdued and subtle aesthetic. Make sure the packaging is as beautiful as the present—a signature box can help parents store meaningful items, preserving them for the next generation. 

Need some help creating an unforgettable gift set for the new baby in your life? Here are five great ideas to help you make the perfect gift set.. 

Blanket, Hat, and Booties Sets

A hat and booties can create a beautiful coordinating set with a personalized blanket. Not only will parents appreciate the soft, high-quality materials that will keep baby warm, but they'll also love that this set can be a keepsake from their baby's first precious years. 

The key to making a gorgeous gift set is to coordinate the colors and materials. While the items don’t have to match exactly, it should look like a cohesive set. You can accomplish this by selecting one color for your items, or colors in the same tone family. 

For example, this pink popcorn sweater pointelle hat looks beautiful with a matching pink popcorn blanket. But it's equally charming with the taupe milestone blanket, as the shades are harmonious together. Imagine a sweet new baby in matching booties and hat on this milestone blanket as each month passes. It’s the perfect way to mark the progression of baby’s first year of life. 

Board Book Set

Everyone can enjoy curling up with a blanket and a good book—even a baby! An age-appropriate board book makes a wonderful gift to go with your personalized baby blanket. It promotes the love of reading at a young age while giving baby and parent something soft to snuggle with during their bedtime routine. When choosing a book for a baby, you'll want to find one that is: 

  • Made from a durable material. Board books are ideal at these early stages because they can withstand grabbing hands and teething mouths. 

  • Illustrated with bold, bright colors. Babies don't have excellent vision for the first few months of their lives. Bright colors capture their attention and keep them interested. 

  • Written with simple language. Even one or two words per page are good, as they can help babies start to connect ideas to pictures. However, feel free to choose books that are fun for caregivers, too. After all, they'll be reading that book night after night!

Choose a gift theme to upgrade your blanket and book set. The Happy Oceans' Day book is the perfect book to accompany the Mermaid Sea Magic cotton knit baby blanket. Or pair the adorable Koala Wishes board book with the equally charming Koala Cotton Knit baby blanket. Your matching theme will show the recipient that you've put a lot of thought and care into their gift, and the personalization will make it even more special. 

Plush Toys Comfort Set

What could be more soothing to a baby than a soft blanket and a cuddly plush toy? If you want to create a gift set that focuses on comfort, opt for a personalized blanket and matching toy. This combination is also a great way to incorporate a theme, such as by choosing the family’s favorite animal or matching the theme in their nursery. 

For newborns, opt for baby-safe plush toys that can join them in the stroller or entertain them during tummy time. The Annabelle Bunny Baby Knit Toy is an elegant addition to a personalized blanket such as the Bunny Cotton Knit Baby Blanket. High-quality plush animals like these will become a mainstay in baby's life for years, becoming cherished best friends they've known since their earliest days. 

For slightly older babies, such as those between 3 and 6 months, a wooden rattle/soft toy combination is an excellent choice. These rattles are great for when babies learn to grab because their sights and sounds provide stimulation and give baby a sense of discovery. Look for wooden rattles that are safe to chew on as the baby starts to teethe, like these Felix Fox or Fifi Fawn ones. 

Personalized Bath Set

Another great way to incorporate a personalized blanket into a gift set is by combining it with a bath set. You can combine a customized baby blanket with a personalized baby bath wrap, giving them unique and special items to cozy up with before and after bathtime. Include some high-quality baby bath products, and you'll have a gorgeous gift that's both useful and memorable. 

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You can make this gift extra special by choosing a unique hooded bath wrap to go with your blanket. The Slate Baby Shark Hooded Bath Wrap is the perfect touch of whimsy and goes well with the Dark Teal Coral Fleece Baby Stroller Blanket. It's a nice balance of practicality and fun that will surely delight any recipient. 

Christening Gift Set

If you want to create a gift set that will become a treasured memento for generations, consider a christening set. Choose an elegant white blanket with a Christening gown and bonnet, and have the items personalized. Be sure to include a presentation box that the set can be stored in after the big day. 

The gown can be embroidered with baby’s name and the date of the Christening, and then added to over the years as new generations come along. This makes the gown a lasting family heirloom. When combined with a personalized blanket, you can be sure that memories of the special day will never fade—something every parent will be grateful for.

Start Creating a Thoughtful Gift Set for Baby

Personalized baby blankets are a unique and unforgettable way to welcome the newest addition to your family or to your friends’ families. Personalizing these useful items adds a level of sentimentality and exclusivity that every family will hold dear. Customization naturally elevates a gift, making it even more meaningful. 

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