The Best Baby Shower Gifts for Any Budget

The Best Baby Shower Gifts for Any Budget

Baby showers are as popular as ever. They're both a fun way for family and friends to celebrate the pending arrival of a new baby and for everyone to help support new parents with the costs of raising and caring for an infant. In fact, not only do nearly two-thirds of expecting parents host a baby shower, but nearly three-quarters of those planning a baby shower are planning more than one celebration to share the excitement with different friend and family groups. 

As the popularity of baby showers continues to rise, you may find yourself attending multiple baby showers across the year—or even in the same months. While it's fun to go, finding the right gift can be stressful. How do you find the best baby shower gifts? What's the right budget, and what are the rules?

Buying the best baby shower gifts for a growing circle of friends, relatives, and acquaintances becomes more manageable if you set a budget for gifts. Know how much you want to spend for each shower, and then see what cute and personalized baby gifts fit within that amount. In this guide, we've gathered some baby shower gift ideas that will be a hit at any price point so you can comfortably know that the gift will be a treasure for the recipients and the right fit for your spending goals. 

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Going All Out

Attending the baby shower of a close family member or friend? Are you the godparent? Or do you simply love shopping for baby gifts and you're not worried about staying within a set budget? If this sounds like you, there are plenty of baby shower gifts that look glamorous in the box, out of the box, and months after the baby is born. When you love buying high-end baby shower gifts made of soft and all-natural fibers or complete sets of photo-ready clothing and blankets, browse through this list of possibilities and be ready for the next shower on your calendar:

A Layette Gift Set

Elaborate, well-crafted layette sets make the perfect gift when you want to go all out and gift a loved one with an adorable outfit for their newborn. While onesies can offer convenience, a layette set is perfect for portraits, special occasions, or simply when parents want the baby to look extra special. Go the extra mile by finding intricately knitted layette sets with delicate cable patterns, complex designs that match across the set, and soft fabrics that are soothing and breathable. You can even add a touch of fun by looking for layette sets that include matching toys made with the same materials. 

A premade gift set is a wonderful idea if you know the parents are looking for cute clothing and you want something that's pre-coordinated for you.

Custom Curated Toy and Gift Sets

Want to add your personal flair to the gift? Then create your own toy or accessory gift set! You can package together your own luxury gift with a blanket, hat, toy, and book. This is the perfect option for anyone who loves browsing and favoriting different gift options—you don't have to stick to just one item. If you love the idea but want to make sure the entire gift is a cohesive set, there are a few easy steps you can take. 

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First, create a theme, whether that's a signature color, a particular animal like an elephant or rabbit, or a motif like space or zoos. Then you can shop around for a high-quality mix of toys and accessories that all align with the theme. Package them all together, and you've created a unique, thoughtful gift.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for a Bit of a Splurge

When you've got some money tucked away for an upcoming baby shower but you don't want to spend too much, there are plenty of luxe baby gifts that fit the bill. For shoppers looking for the best baby shower gifts in this 'quality but not too pricey' category, we recommend adding personalization and unique flair to take any gift from great to unforgettable. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Personalized Baby Blankets

Babies need a lot of blankets, whether they're swaddling cloths, blankets for the ground or tummy time, or warm blankets for being wrapped up in during an outdoor stroll. Baby blankets come in different sizes, fabrics, and patterns, each one for a distinct purpose or season. You might look for a brightly patterned baby blanket that matches the nursery theme or a cable knit that matches any decor or outfit. Then you can make your gift special with personalization—add an embroidered baby name or monogrammed initials along the edge of the blanket to show that you selected the gift just for them. Personalization instantly elevates any gift and shows you put a lot of thought into the occasion. 

Personalized Plush Toys and Stuffies

Every baby needs a plush toy as they grow up. Plush toys are soft, squishy, and endlessly entertaining for infants—and babies can even connect with them for the first few years, getting consistent comfort from their familiar presence. So a durable and snuggly plush toy can be a long-lasting gift both the baby and the parents will value for years to come. Whether you find a standalone plush dog or sheep or a bedtime set that includes both the stuffy and a security blanket, this gift idea is perfect for anyone who is comfortable spending a little extra (but not too much).

Best Baby Shower Gifts When You're on a Budget

You might have a lot of baby showers on your calendar, so carefully considering your gift budget is a key part of finding the perfect gift. But budget-conscious shoppers don't have to worry about missing out on giving the best baby shower gifts. Make it work by keeping these ideas in mind:

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  • Personalization goes a long way: When you personalize a gift, you show that you took the time to order a special gift for this unique occasion. New parents will appreciate that.
  • Focus on timeless trends and long-lasting materials: There are a lot of baby gift trends, many of which can get pricey quickly. Instead, stick to the basics: blankets, soft toys, clothing, or functional gifts like diapers and baby bottles. 
  • Choose one great gift, even if it's small in size: A single well-constructed baby hat with breathable fibers that stay soft wash after wash is more valuable than a value pack of hats that might wear out quickly or irritate newborns' skin. So set your max budget and look for singular items that fall within your comfort zone. For example, a one-of-a-kind bear hat with a unique pattern  can easily become the go-to accessory for daily walks when parents trust it to be comfortable, sturdy, and warm. Other small but valuable gift ideas include ring rattles made from wood and natural fibers, soft stroller blankets, or even small luxuries for the parents-to-be.

What About the Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents on a Budget?

If you're close to the parents, you may know whether they're on a budget or not. Newborns can be very expensive, and sometimes parents can't buy everything they have in mind, whether that's the five-star stroller on their wishlist or a wide variety of cozy clothes for upcoming seasons. Sometimes, the best baby shower gifts focus on their budget just as much as yours. When you're looking for the right gift, consider:

  • Are there any big-dollar essentials that you can buy with another invitee? Think rocking chairs, strollers, and car seats.
  • Where does luxury provide the most value? Think clothes and swaddling blankets made from cotton, linen, and fabrics without harsh dyes. These gifts aren't just luxe—they can help protect newborns from skin irritants and reduce the risk of rashes.
  • What do they not have yet? When you're close to the parents, you may know what's still on their essentials list. Consider taking a few items off their list so you're providing both a material gift and a bit of breathing room.

What's the Etiquette for Baby Shower Gift Budgets?

As you browse through different online stores and baby gift boutiques, it can help to know what you might be expected to spend. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules for buying baby gifts—baby showers are an occasion to celebrate and share joy, so you don't want to be stressed about getting the gift "right" down to the last dollar. However, it can help to know the general spending trends for acquaintances, well-known friends or relatives, and the people you love most:

  • For acquaintances and co-workers: Stick to the 'impulse buy' range of $30 or less. 
  • For friends and extended relatives: The average gift is between $50 and $75.
  • For immediate family and good friends: Here, you might spend upwards of $100. 

Again, these categories aren't rules. Your friend group, your personal income, and the parents' expectations may move these ranges up or down, so gauge your budget based on your comfort level.

Start Shopping for the Best Baby Shower Gifts

When you know your budget and have a few ideas in mind, it's time to start shopping! Finding a high-quality baby gift boutique is a great way to ensure you're getting the most gift-giving value for every dollar you spend. At Elegant Baby, we specialize in designing and making luxury baby gifts, from rattles and plush toys to stroller blankets and layette sets. We also offer personalization options for gifts so you can add the name or initials of the little one. Browse through our collection today to find the best baby shower gifts for any budget.

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