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Crocheted Baby Blankets

Little ones love our supersoft, crochet baby blankets and so do the chicest of moms. Designed in a snuggly cotton knit with textures that stimulate a baby’s evolving senses, our crocheted baby blankets are an instant favorite. Add a comforting factor and elegant aesthetic to the stroller or nursery with one of these elevated essentials. The high-quality design and timeless look of an Elegant Baby crochet baby blanket makes it a cherished item that will be passed down to generations to come.


These crochet baby blankets are available in a variety of sophisticated colors to complement every gender and design aesthetic including white, gray, cornflower blue and pale pink. We’ve also designed our baby blankets with different knit textures to delight baby’s senses. For example, the seed knit cotton baby blanket mixes knit stitches and purl stitches to give the blanket a pleasing texture resembling scattered seeds in a field. The fancy cotton knit blanket combines beautiful, delicate knitting and wavy textures for a luxurious look. Some of our crochet baby blankets can even be personalized with baby’s monogram, name or initials.


Our crocheted baby blankets are very pretty, but also practical. Designed of a durable cotton knit, they can be repeatedly machine washed on cold and tumble dried low—and come out looking like new. Easy care ensures you get maximum mileage out of your crochet baby blanket, which will inevitably sees it share of spills as your baby carries it around from snack time to playtime. You may even want to have a few crocheted baby blankets on rotation, thanks to the elegant aesthetic and convenient care

 A crochet baby blanket is an ideal baby registry or shower gift for a little girl or a little boy and always a hit with the happy parents. We’ll elegantly gift-wrap any crochet baby blanket to ensure a beautiful presentation. Measuring 30 inches by 40 inches, Elegant Baby’s crocheted baby blanket is the ideal size whether it keeps baby snug as a bug in the stroller, car seat or cuddling on the couch. Babies love the familiarity of their favorite blanket, which provides comfort and security during the many stages of development, so we’ve designed our ultra-soft cotton knit blankets to be resilient throughout it all. The polished look and tasteful design make our crochet baby blankets a natural fit for any nursery.

Elegant Baby is the premier baby gifting experience, whether you have friends or relatives who are adding to their family or you are the happy parent-to-be. You’ll find an adorable selection of crochet baby blankets in our elegant assortment of blankets, apparel, and toys. We are one of the largest and oldest online retailers specializing in elegant baby gifts and personalized baby gifts. Our devotion to the softest fabrics, high-quality design and a sophisticated aesthetic has made us a favorite with moms and dads all over the country. Whether you are looking for a unique baby shower gift, just-born gift or a luxury christening gift, you will find a tasteful, one-of-a-kind assortment of baby gifts at Elegant Baby.